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About Coach Ken

Only Pharmacist to complete Advanced ADD Career Coach Training

When an individual has reached a plateau in their career. Work is not as enjoyable, the new supervisor has come in ruling with an iron hand, or morale in the department slipping downward. It’s time to explore and uncover the numerous talents that are hidden beneath ADD’s challenges and manifestations. The individual doesn’t have to reinvent the career wheel.

Ken can show the client how to retain focus and get through the day’s tasks.
By modifying an individual’s thought processes to achieve an extra focus, determination, and satisfaction in the work place and not dismiss any given task, but to finish it.

Ken’s passion and goal is to help take a look at a slow, deliberate and methodical way to cover all of the bases in the employment change process. One that should minimize the ADD “impulsivity monster,” and help you make a very informed, clear and solid career change decision.

Ken Koch has been a Registered Pharmacist with 30 years’ experience. He has seen the results of relying on medications alone to resolve their career and life issues.

Ken’s goal is to explore all of the various possibilities to manage and control those situations in life that can present themselves as stressful and overwhelming. Through coaching, the individual will learn how to achieve a balanced, focused, productive, and rewarding life.

Ken’s extensive background in pharmacy and healthcare will help promote optimal benefits from the individual’s medications, diet, and exercise.

Pre-Professional Studies:
Macomb County Community College
Warren, Michigan
Liberal Art Requirements to be admitted to College of Pharmacy

Professional Studies:
Warren State University College of Pharmacy and Allied Health Professions
Detroit, Michigan
Degree Awarded: Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy
License: Registered Pharmacist and Controlled Substance License

Coach Training Completed:

“ADD in the Spirit Coach Training “
Cincinnati, Ohio
Career Coach Institute (CCI)
Wilsonville, Oregon
ADD Coach Academy
Albany New York

Completed Courses:

Basic ADD Coach Training
Advanced ADD Coach Training Organizations

Member of these Organizations:

Michigan International Coach Federation: (ICF)
Member Michigan ICF Marketing Committee
ADD Coaches Organization (ACO)
ADDA – Attention Deficit Disorder Association


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