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Are you an early to mid-career professional men that is consistently challenged in the inability to remain concentrated focused and engaged in your field of work, which leads to poor job performance, frequent job changes, disappointment, frustration, and a near ending state of chaos and confusion in your personal and professional life? I call it “Riding the Career Merry Go Round “.

I have a five- step system that can help get you on the path Career Stability and Job Satisfaction in as little as 90 days. In the Program we will look at the following five employment factors to optimize your work performance.

A ) Are you working with the right people?

B ) Are the physical surroundings of your workspace Ideal for you?

C ) Is your knowledge and interest at work being fully stimulated?

D ) Is your favorite skill set being utilized to your full capacity in your current job?

E ) Is your current job in alignment with your overall life goal or mission?

Our lives are a product of all the choices you make over an extended period of time. These decisions good or bad, have the possibility to impact us over a lifetime. There are “Four Points “of bad decision making that consistently challenge individuals with ADD due to their unique brain wiring. Let’s take a long look into each of these “Four Points “in a little more detail.

Lack of Dopamine in the Pre-Frontal Cortex – This is the well documented neurochemical basis for all of the symptoms and manifestations of Adult ADD. Dopamine serves as the “fuel “to providing clarity, improved focus and concentration. Lack of these three traits can lead to decisions that may emphasize the “hear and now” as opposed to looking at the long-term implications.

Temporal Discounting – This is a fancy term for saying lack of looking into the future. Example: An individual with ADD starts setting money away out of each paycheck for the down payment on a new car in 18 months. Someone offers this individual a dream vacation for $3,000.00. The individual with ADD takes up the offer to withdraw the money now, and doesn’t stop and realize what impact and delays it will have on delaying the purchase of the new car.
Instant gratification for a luxury, with long range implications that delay a very important purchase.

Overcommitment to Avoid Hurting Others – This is very common among individuals with ADD in the workplace. Their goal is to come across as a dedicated hardworking and high performing worker but instead leads to a frustrated burned out and stressed out employee who has a lot of upset coworkers due to several incomplete projects that may impact business numerous departments in several ways.

Poor Time Management – Those with ADD have a warped sense of time passage. This can lead to attendance problems in the workplace, Missed personal appointments and business meetings and a poor performance in several aspects of life.


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