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Are you an early to mid-career professional man that is consistently challenged by the inability to concentrate, engage and maintain focus when performing the routine duties of your current job?

This leads to poor work performance, frequent job changes, disappointment, and a never-ending cycle of chaos and confusion in your professional and personal life. Getting ready for work each day leaves your stomach “in knots” and you feel like you are continually walking on pins and needles, “what will I do wrong at work today almost becomes a daily question.

You know what you need to do, but your brain keeps drifting off. What can you do to retain focus and get through the day’s tasks? The key is working with your ADD brain. Not against it.

I have developed the following five stop process that when you work with can help improve performance at your current employment or helping you develop a job search tool box to make have better interviewing skills and evaluate potential job opportunities so you can land employment to give you career stability and balance in all areas of your personal and professional life.

Step #1
Look at the people you work for, with and serve to make sure you are reaching your maximum performance potential in the workplace

Step #2

Physical Environment – Does it compliment your strong traits and allow you to excel in your current employment position?

Step #3
How frequently are your main areas of expertise being utilized in your current employment position?

Step #4
The frequency that your using your favorite and strongest skill being utilized in your current employment will be explored in great detail.

Step #5
WE will examine the overall alignment of your current employment with your overall life mission.


The “neuro-normal” person (not affected by ADD) usually stays at a job for four to six years. However, the employee challenged by ADD, is typically out looking for new employment opportunities every eighteen to twenty-four months.

This could be because of yet another poor performance at work, or the impulsivity and novelty seeking characteristics of the ADD brain. This has a major emotional toll on the employee, and their family each and every time an employment change is made.

Even though your current job is really frustrating you and the sound of the alarm clock going off upsets your stomach almost daily, there are several “hidden” costs when contemplating a change to a new employment position. Here are ten potential factors to consider before heading into perceived “greener pastures”

1 ) Reduced time off- If you are leaving a position where you have high seniority, you will be starting at “square one” when it comes to accrued time off.

2 ) Cost of interviewing – Items to consider taking time off from current employer, purchase of a new wardrobe, resume preparation services, recruiting service fees.

3 ) Delay in first paycheck with new employer. This is especially important if your current financial status is living “paycheck to paycheck”.

4 ) Deferred compensation(retirement) plans. Consider each of the following factors: waiting time for eligibility, number of investment options, is an employer match involved, the percentage match involved, the waiting period till the match starts.

5 ) Premium payment should be viewed as salary reducers. COMPARE VERY CLOSELY TO YOUR EXISTING COVERAGE.

6 ) Cost of living adjustments for geographical relocations- Carefully calculate cost of living in new area.

7 ) Relocation Costs – This has the potential to make total compensation for the first year in the position far less appealing.

8 ) Longer daily commute to work – usually means higher total routine auto expenses.

9 ) Wardrobe costs – Important to compare the know the new employers daily dress code requirements compared to your current employer.

10 ) Training costs for courses taken outside of usual company orientation program – Once again due diligence and exact clarification of these costs are very important.

When these costs are considered sometimes the total expenses can be thirty to forty thousand dollars.

So, before you go out and buy a new set of interviewing clothes, start talking to recruiters, and updating your resume, let’s put on the “ADD Brakes” and take a very close look to see if modifications to your current employment can be made, so your ADD strengths can be utilized better, and “ a win-win” situation will result for you and your employer.

Coach Ken is dedicated to helping ADD men find their career stability.

Working with a well- qualified Career Coach can help you evaluate all factors with a new job offer.

Coach Ken is a private practice coach who works with a broad spectrum of clients. He knows that proper diagnosis, medications, lifestyle modifications, and coaching work “hand in hand” to help the individual live a full life of maximum productivity and potential.

Coach Ken is a Pharmacist with a Drug Free attitude toward coaching for ADD men.

Individuals who are diagnosed with ADD are not broken. These individuals do not need to be fixed. Instead, they are complete, resourceful and whole. Through a series of deep, thought provoking questions and deep listening, the individual will embark on a fascinating journey of self-discovery to uncover amazing brilliance, talents and strengths.


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